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Vertical material transport with aerial platforms

Truck mounted platforms are mainly used for installation work as a safe alternative for performing the work climbing. With these specialist vehicles, (limited) loads can also be moved by means of a powerlift system, with which all aerial platforms of 40m or more are equipped.

The maximum gondola load is 600 kg and depends on the lateral reach.It is not a complete replacement for the work that is normally performed with cranes, but for example for moving loads as an alternative to cranes, e.g. at locations that are not/difficult to reach for cranes (due to the size or weight) or not already materials that are too large or relatively light materials, this option is very practical and efficient.

Vertical material transport with Alu-crane

In addition, Ma-Bo offers an Alu-crane. Aluminum cranes are light (from 18 tons) and can also be used on rough terrain or terrain
that is difficult to access.

Think, for example, of narrow access roads or bridges and access roads with a limited number of permitted tonnages. 

They have a maximum lifting capacity of 6 tons. The Alu-crane can be equipped with a 'fixed' work basket and is therefore a combination between a crane and aerial platform and therefore multi-usable.

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Vertical material transport with a Material lift

Ma-Bo has also included a material lift (often used in the moving industry) in its range for the vertical transport of materials. This allows materials (such as solar panels, building materials and telecom equipment) to be transported on or off the roof relatively quickly and cheaply.

Vertical material transport with telehandlers & loader cranes

Vertical materiaaltransport with a telehandler
A telescopic handler is often used for moving materials, both for horizontal and vertical transport. It is widely used in the (steel) construction and installation sector for various types of building materials, such as (steel) beams, sandwich panels, roof tiles, solar panels, air conditioning, etc. Telehandlers are also frequently used in other sectors, for example for building telecom masts and high-voltage masts.

Vertical material transport with a loader crane
Materials can also be moved and/or lifted relatively easily and quickly with a loader crane. These are not only used for example for placing (steel) road plates, but can also be used for moving materials from and on roof locations in the (steel) construction and installation sector or telecom sector. They are also used in the construction of telecom and high-voltage masts.


Horizontal material transport


Forklifttrailer transports are often used for the transport of materials at loading or unloading locations that are not suitable for a forklift or where there is no forklift. These are frequently used in the (steel) construction and installation sector or telecom sector. These transports can be easily combined with locations where (truck) aerial platforms are used, since we can fully adjust the transport to the planned work. During the preliminary survey (site survey) at the aerial platform location, it can also be checked whether additional measures are required for loading or unloading the material transport, such as placing (steel) road plates or traffic measures (such as traffic controllers).



Low-loader transports are used daily to deliver and collect and aerial work platforms to and from the locations. In addition, they are also used for material transport in high voltage and telecom. It is especially suitable for large and/or heavy materials and machines, such as winches, reels, pulleys, (parts) of masts and telecom cabinets. This is also a practical machine for transports in the (steel) constructionindustry, for example for large panels and steel constructions.


Loader Crane

With this means of transport, (building) materials can also be easily delivered to your construction site, such as pallets with stones, roof tiles, (steel) beams, panels, scaffolding material, mast parts and other telecom equipment.


You can also rent a trailer from us for transporting smaller (quantities of) materials. This trailer can be picked up at one of our locations or can be delivered if desired.

Road plates, traffic measures and permits

Road plates
Furthermore, Ma-Bo can provide steel or plastic road plates for your construction site. Ma-Bo advises to carry out a site survey in advance, to inventory the number and type of road plates, but also which type of aerial platform (given the soil conditions, approach routes and specific location properties) is best used and if traffic measures are needed to carry out the work safely and efficiently.

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Traffic Measusures

The traffic measures such as road blocks, (pre)signage and traffic controllers (including the signing of the traffic plans and permit applications that are required for this) can be fully managed by Ma-Bo in-house. The advantage of this is that the planning can be fully aligned with the transport planning and the planned work with the aerial platform.

Aerial platform training certificate

Training according to international requirements ISO 18878 and guidelines of professional associations DGUV G 308-008 and DGUV R 100-50

Legal basis ArbSchG, BetrSichV, StVO, FeV, RSA, DIN EN 280, DGUV V 1, DGUV R100-500, chapter 2.10, DGUV G 308-002, VSG 4.2, DGUV I 203-033

Technology: Safety Requirements and Devices, Work Platform Categories, Possible Applications, Warnings, Restrictions, Control Functions, Daily Function Check Handling / operation: installation, support, substrate, procedures, work, electrical voltage, PPE, transport, wind Special work assignments (e.g. pruning trees) Work environment: work on construction sites, work on public roads, work on production facilities, analysis of accident scenarios, preventive measures

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Services, maintenance and inspections from aerial platforms and related machines

MA-BO has a well-maintained fleet that meets the current standard (which is common in the market), actual legislation and regulations. Should there nevertheless be technical problems or malfunctions, our own service department will deal with this immediately and adequately, so that the delay is kept to a minimum. In the event of malfunctions or defects, our planning will also immediately contact you to keep you informed.