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Full service concept for the telecomsector

MA-BO has developed a full-service concept especially for the telecom sector, with the intention to relieve you as our telecom partner as much as possible. MA-BO has a wide range of equipment, accessories and additional services that can be used to carry out your work. Of course you are not obliged to use all these products and services, you can still contact us for just renting an aerial platform.

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Safe and efficient performance at height

In the telecom sector, aerial platforms are mainly used for installation work as a safe alternative for performing the work climbing, but also for moving loads through a power lift system as an alternative to cranes for example at locations that are inaccessible or too difficult for cranes. Aerial platforms are used for both indoor and outdoor locations. At indoor locations, electric scissors, electric articulated telescopic aerial platforms, electric mast lifts and spider lifts are mainly used. In addition, MA-BO can also provide (specialist) scaffolding.

For outdoor situations, such as a rooftop, mast, church, facade or monopole, truck mounted platforms, ranging between 30m and 75m and sometimes even 90m, are used. In principle, the truck mounted platforms are always rented out with an operator.

Vertical transport

With these specialist vehicles, (limited) loads can also be moved by means of a powerlift system with which all aerial platforms from 40m are equipped. The maximum gondola load is 600 kg and depends on the lateral reach. It is not a complete replacement for the work that is normally performed with cranes, but for moving loads as an alternative to cranes for example on locations that are not/difficult to reach for cranes (because of their seize or weight) or (smaller/lighter) materials, this option is very practical and efficient.

In addition, MA-BO offers Alu-cranes. Aluminum cranes are light (from 18 tons) and can also be used on difficult terrain or terrain that is difficult to access. Think, for example, of narrow access roads or bridges and access roads with a limited number of permitted tonnages. They have a maximum lifting capacity of 6 tons. The Alu-crane can be equipped with a 'fixed' work basket and is therefore a combination between a crane and aerial platform and therefore multi-usable.

MA-BO has also extended its fleet with a special material lift (which is often used in the moving industry) especially for rooftop locations. With this machine, all required materials can be transported on or off the roof relatively quickly at an attractive price.

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Wide and specialist range of Aerial Platforms

Special aerial platforms can also be used for installing the cable channels, such as crawler lifts, spider lifts, (articulated) telescopic aerial platforms or diesel scissor lifts. MA-BO also has special aerial platforms with a 4x4 drive and caterpillar tracks or trax tires for difficult terrain or rough terrain. You can work safely and comfortably on all types of surfaces and in all weather conditions (with the exception of strong wind and/or thunderstorms).

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Road plates, permits and traffic measures

MA-BO has a wide range in all the above categories. Furthermore, MA-BO can provide steel or plastic road plates for your construction site. MA-BO advises to have a survey of the work location carried out in advance, so that an inventory can be made of how many road plates and what type of road plates are required, but also which type of aerial platform (given the soil conditions, access roads and specific location characteristics) is best used and if traffic measures are required to carry out the work safely and efficiently. The traffic measures (road closures, signage and traffic controllers) and permit applications can be taken care of entirely in-house by MA-BO.

Material Transports by Forklift trailers or low loaders

Finally, MA-BO can take care of all material transports (both old and new material) by means of portable forklift trailers and low-loaders, can carry out project management for you (including contacts with the landlords) and arrange if needed interpreters on site.

MA-BO likes to think along with you to develop and offer a suitable full-service concept and/or customized solutions, even in complex situations. All this at an attractive price.

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